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The Major Challenges & Problems Faced by International Students in the USA

Major Challenges & Problems Faced

While seeking better opportunities in academics and careers; often students cross boundaries and reach a new country. Studying abroad often brings global opportunities within the reach of an international student. Nowadays, due to development in technology; students have updates on what they need to consider while traveling abroad. They often research through counseling and interactions with peers and seniors on the new possibilities and challenges, still there are some unforeseen problems faced by students, which they need to tackle.

Discussing Major Hurdles to International Students in the US:

Even after sound preparation and research, there are certain unpredictable circumstances to handle. Moving forward, we would like to put our focus on these barriers.They are as follows:
Challenges for International Students in USA

1. Language Barrier:

It’s not that students going to the USA don’t know the English language; there is an issue catching up with the accent and then replying. If you can’t speak, you can’t express yourself, and communication can’t go smooth. Forget about making friends; even day to day conversations get challenging. Catching the accent and understanding the teaching sessions can be tough and become a time taking process to adjust. So, during the initial time of your stay in the USA or any other foreign country not connecting with the local language can also make us a bit hesitant to speak.

2. The difference in Conducting Academic sessions: 

Majorly in the United States of America, the focus of higher studies is to check what knowledge one has gained from the class sessions. Therefore, they follow an interactive way of learning, whereas, in many other countries, the focus is on memorizing the study. Even the level of research and presentation involved in the daily sessions is quite different.

3. Finding Accommodation:

On campus, dormitories are shared stay facilities with shared laundry rooms, kitchens, and bathrooms. Even though, it is helpful to stay in these dorms as they are on the college campus, often they can be preoccupied.
The second option is to stay in an Apartment, either on-campus or off-campus. Apartments offer privacy and larger spaces to live. If someone can afford it, then they can rent an independent apartment and stay there.

The third option is to go for a house on rent and stay with family or friends. Your housing department at the University can help you find a better place to stay. The expenses can be very well split between you both if you stay with friends. Although there are several options, finding the right one based on the needs and requirements still become a challenge for many.

4. Financial Challenges for International Students:

Managing finances becomes a headache for those students who don’t have a financial backup and are bearing their routine expenses by themselves.

International students have to pay high fees than resident students. Many times, these students are from developing countries, so the currency conversion makes the fees quite a huge amount.
It is nearly impossible to get the US Credit Card or loan until you have the Social Security Number issued by the country.
These financial expenses bring challenging situation for students from foreign countries to outperform the academics and get better jobs soon.

5. Social Challenges to International Students:

Fresher students are mainly allowed to travel twice a year to their home country. This restriction brings an added feeling of loneliness when there are some events or festivals in the native country. A kind of similar challenge happens when there are festivals in this new country, and you don’t know much about them.
Everybody is enjoying holidays with their family and friends, and you may feel left out.

6. Cultural Challenges Students face in the USA:

The vast cultural gap becomes a challenge to cope with, for non-resident students. Though coming from their native place, they had prepared themselves for these differences, but it requires enough time to accept or adapt to them. The open culture that they see here in the US may not be similar to their own country, they will have to understand this, too.

7. Managing in Completely New Environment:

Different environmental conditions need some time to adapt to them. There is a good possibility that back at their home, they may not have experienced similar environmental conditions; they will have to prepare themselves for all this.

All these Language barriers, social and cultural challenges, academic challenges, accommodation problems, financial challenges, environmental challenges, and a lot of other hurdles arise for students from different countries. But if you are aware of it and know how to take care of such situations, you can overcome them in time. But during this time, keep yourself motivated and never lose hope. Check for the options to tackle such situations and be focused on your career goals. We will soon be back with an informative blog by GetAJob; till then enjoy reading!

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