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What Our Candidates Are Saying

These Testimonials are taken from our exclusive Friday Coaching Calls. If you’re interested in the GetAJob program and would like to be a part of our next coaching call, please fill out the form below. 

Why Trust GetAJob?

GetAJob has placed over 3573+ international students and immigrants in jobs across the United States. As a job consultancy with an 98.7% success rate, we pride ourselves on using our fail-safe methods to achieve job security for immigrants, like us.

Every day, we get 5-10 testimonials telling us about the differences the GetAJob program has made in people’s lives. Whether it was finding job security, getting paid more, or landing in a completely new field, we work in the business of changing lives for the better.

Reach out to us when you’re ready to change your life for the better!

What Our Candidates are Writing


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