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During his college years, GetAJob CEO/CTO Shani Bhavsar faced the same challenges international students face today. Shani wanted to study and work in the United States, but post-college, Shani faced rejection after rejection when he was looking for a job due to his immigrant status.

Trying to find help in what felt like a hopeless situation, Shani eventually stumbled upon a job consultancy that seemed like his only viable option. The consultancy not only took most of Shani’s remaining savings, but it was never transparent with him and took a majority of his paychecks when he was finally hired on a C2C basis.

After landing a full-time job with Cardinal Health on his own, Shani promised himself that when he was in a position to make a change, he’d change the way international students and immigrants were treated by consultancies.

When Shani established himself and became the CEO of Dash Technologies Inc., he began developing GetAJob to help international students in need. By launching, GetAJob, Shani made good on the promise of providing real support for people who were in the same situation he had been when he was first starting out.

The reason GetAJob is different is because we were built on Shani’s vision of leveling the field for anyone who wants to have a piece of the American Dream. His end goal is not to meet our bottom line but to change the very definition of I.T. job consulting.