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Prachit Shah grew up in India and completed his Bachelor’s in Computer Science while there. Prachit arrived in the United States in 2013 in search of better career opportunities. He completed his Master’s in Computer Science from New York State University in 2014 and became a web developer.

Although an excellent developer, Prachit wanted to make a difference in the lives of international students. Initially he thought this would be by working in a minority-owned company, joining Dash Technologies as a Business Analyst after being invited to apply by good friend, Shani Bhavsar.

Prachit eventually found his passion in Dash’s job consulting division, GetAJob. Finding that he connected with immigrants and former international students, Prachit began working with these new gainfully employed immigrants to help them pay off their dues and connect with other tech-focused individuals.

Since 2020, Prachit has worked as both a Business Development Manager and the Client Relationship Manager for GetAJob. Prachit finds the balance of building a business by focusing on client success a key component of the GetAJob mission.