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Nirav Bhavsar



Nirav Bhavsar has over 8 years of expertise in the field of technology. After completing his Master of Computer Application, Nirav began his career in 2011 as a junior .net developer. Throughout his career, Nirav has been active in a variety of technical functions. From server handling to deployment and managing processes, Nirav worked through businesses iPatientCare, iEngineering Inc., and Tecstub Inc., and more while mastering his craft.

After joining Dash Technologies Inc., Nirav was recognized for his leadership abilities as well as his technical ones. As a Technical Expert, Nirav was responsible for the training and guidance of the very first GetAJob candidates. As the Company grew, so did Nirav’s role from a Technical Expert to the IT Technical Director to Operations Head, GetAJob India, where he leads a team of over 300 members.