Prachit Shah

Prachit Shah grew up in India and completed his Bachelor’s in Computer Science while there. Prachit arrived in the United States in 2013 in search of better career opportunities. He completed his Master’s in Computer Science from New York State University in 2014 and became a web developer.

Although an excellent developer, Prachit wanted to make a difference in the lives of international students. Initially, he thought this would be by working in a minority-owned company, joining Dash Technologies as a Business Analyst after being invited to apply by a good friend, Shani Bhavsar.

Prachit eventually found his passion in Dash’s job consulting division, GetAJob. Finding that he connected with immigrants and former international students, Prachit began working with these new gainfully employed immigrants to help them pay off their dues and connect with other tech-focused individuals.

Since 2020, Prachit has worked as both a Business Development Manager and the Client Relationship Manager for GetAJob. Prachit finds the balance of building a business by focusing on client success a key component of the GetAJob mission.

Nirav Bhavsar

Nirav Bhavsar has over 8 years of expertise in the field of technology. After completing his Master of Computer Application, Nirav began his career in 2011 as a junior .net developer. Throughout his career, Nirav has been active in a variety of technical functions. From server handling to deployment and managing processes, Nirav worked through businesses iPatientCare, iEngineering Inc., and Tecstub Inc., and more while mastering his craft.
After joining Dash Technologies Inc., Nirav was recognized for his leadership abilities as well as his technical ones. As a Technical Expert, Nirav was responsible for the training and guidance of the very first GetAJob candidates. As the Company grew, so did Nirav’s role from a Technical Expert to the IT Technical Director to Operations Head, GetAJob India, where he leads a team of over 300 members.

Sanket Barot

Sanket Barot has over 5 years of experience in teaching and over 9 years of experience in leadership, public speaking, and customer success development.

Sanket founded GetAJob with Mit Archayra and Shani Bhavsar in order to provide more opportunities to international students. He wanted students to be able to come to the United States and be able both nurture their burgeoning careers and gain financial freedom. An immigrant himself, Sanket has seen the path many immigrants have had to take in search of opportunities.

Many of the initiatives and opportunities to help international students that go through the GetAJob program are developed by Sanket, who has a mission to help every immigrant to whom he comes in contact.

Mit Acharya

Mit Acharya came to the United States in 2015 to earn his MBA and find better job opportunities. However, like others before him, Mit ran into numerous issues when he tried to land a full-time job. In doing so, Mit discovered the amount of patience it required to find a job as an international student.

After six months of job searching, Mit got the chance to work with Dash Technologies. Mit worked under CEO Shani Bhavsar in order to nurture Shani’s vision of helping international students get to a more successful future without having to face constant struggle.

After co-founding the GetAJob program with Shani and Sanket Barot, Mit has helped over 2000 candidates get placed in tech and has made it a personal mission to help as many people as he can land the jobs of their dreams.

Shani Bhavsar

During his college years, GetAJob CEO/CTO Shani Bhavsar faced the same challenges international students face today. Shani wanted to study and work in the United States, but post-college, Shani faced rejection after rejection when he was looking for a job due to his immigrant status.

Trying to find help in what felt like a hopeless situation, Shani eventually stumbled upon a job consultancy that seemed like his only viable option. The consultancy not only took most of Shani’s remaining savings, but it was never transparent with him and took a majority of his paychecks when he was finally hired on a C2C basis.

After landing a full-time job with Cardinal Health on his own, Shani promised himself that when he was in a position to make a change, he’d change the way international students and immigrants were treated by consultancies.

When Shani established himself and became the CEO of Dash Technologies Inc., he began developing GetAJob to help international students in need. By launching, GetAJob, Shani made good on the promise of providing real support for people who were in the same situation he had been when he was first starting out.

The reason GetAJob is different is because we were built on Shani’s vision of leveling the field for anyone who wants to have a piece of the American Dream. Our end goal is not to meet our bottom line but to change the very definition of I.T. job consulting.