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Know How GetAJob Makes your Job Search Successful in the US IT Industry


Many times, graduates and job seekers, try hard to get a job, but it is not always a cakewalk. The job search and application process requires complete dedication, time management, and a quick and proper response mechanism. If you have this, then you can create an impact and hear your interview call soon. But many fail even after putting in every possible effort. The reason for this can be anything; unstructured resume, inappropriate cover letter, delayed job application, improper response email, delayed response, or something else. Often, it gets tiring to take care of job applications as it becomes boring applying 50-100 applications every day.

Often job seekers come to GetAJob saying they are tired of self-applying for jobs and not listening back. They have the pressure to get a job soon and want us to assist them for the same.

Knowing through experience the struggles of IT job seekers in hte USA,GetAJob has designed a complete process to clear the hurdle of job search. It is time tested and has worked in 100% of the cases. Do youwant to know more about the GetAJob services? Let me take you through:

The Five Impactful Services of GetAJob: A Job Seeker’s Choice

Five Impactful Services of GetAJob
Career Guidance:
Most job seekers who are tired of the application process in the US connect with GetAJob Career Experts with an expectation. They look for a complete solution of their requirement in the shortest time possible. Our experts have planned their sessions in such a way that with some discussions, they understand what needs to be done in a particular case and suggest accordingly.

Resume Optimization:
With the conclusions of the Career Experts your case is well-taken care of by the Resume optimization expert, having rich experience in creating result-oriented resumes. They understand your requirement and update your resume with all the necessary updates, which makes it get quickly picked by recruiters searching for IT job seekers like you.

You know what? You had everything, but you were mainly missing on building a job-oriented resume. And this is where the GetAJob team plays a crucial role. Resume preparation as per the latest market trends is always our effort and practice. We know how well to highlight your job skills and experiences.

In 63% of the cases, recruiters want to see resumes prepared based on requirement of the position Resume Statistics 2022 (Analysis of 133,000 Documents). Our experts are aware of such essential updates and the US I.T. job market requirements and never forget to highlight them in the resume.

Resume Marketing:
Do you know why you do not get an interview call even after applying to many job openings? We at GetAJob have figured this out, and here are some reasons for this:
Some job openings are not open in the market, so job applicants do not see them directly.
Our resumes are not marketed to that level when we apply them on our own.
And not just marketing, responding to an application, taking proper follow-ups with the concerned stakeholders is equally important. If you lag here, you have a sure chance of not hearing back.

Since we know the ambiguities and the trends of the US IT job market, we target our action in such a way that an applicant through us hears back too soon.

Technical Training:
GetAJob incorporates technical training with the reason to assist you connect the missing links. Our experts with a rich job assistance and job placement experience in the technical domain will prepare thoroughly based on your resume. They will check your interview answers during your interview preparation sessions. This stage is important to make the most benefit, follow your trainer well, and your chances of success in your job is guaranteed.

They will overview your job skills at each level and guide you to make things better. You are a graduate and have studied all this, but our trainers will help you get the industry exposure by taking you through the real-time projects.

Onboarding and Background Check:
Most often, fresh job seekers are not aware of the onboarding and background verification formalities in the US, so they seek some assistance. We have often heard job seekers saying that we missed out on something or the other while going through our Onboarding and Background Check process. After hearing frequently from candidates that they were finding things hard, we incorporated this process into our program.

Now, we not only help in assisting job seekers get the job of their dreams, but also help them with their onboarding and background check formalities.

Here are some GetAJob insights for job seekers while job application, resume preparation, writing cover letters, and facing the interviewer based on the experience in the US IT Job Market for a decade.

Know the Standard Rule for the USA Job Application Process to crack the interview

Standard Rule for the USA Job Application
1. Be specific with your job application.
2. Know your company by doing good company research.
3. Best resume preparation will increase your chances.
4. Take proper follow-ups for applications.
5. Have a Fresh Cover Letter to show your communication skills.
6. Try building connections in the company to get more insights.

Follow GetAJob’s Do’s and Don’ts to Make a Successful Job Search in the US IT Industry:

GetAJob Dos and Don'ts to Make a Successful Job Search

1. Follow the chronological order in a resume, and add the latest experience on top.
2. Do use a clear and readable design.
3. Highlight achievements of particular work experience in bullet points.
4. Highlight experiences with famous brands. Previous experience with brands helps you; even though it is an internship, it should be highlighted in the resume.

And yes, prepare a resume for both online and offline formats. Doing so helps majorly well in North America. Your online resume should consist of some work samples, portfolio projects, as well as references. Design a creative resume. You can add a link to your online resume in the traditional one. On average, your resume is seen for 7 seconds by the recruiter and these 7 seconds are important to create an impact.
Check this link

1. Never use your photograph on the resume.
2. Also, avoid using Birth Date, Marital status, or social security numbers in the cv.
3. Avoid using references and objectives in your resume.

Some basic things to avoid it safeguards your resume from being red flagged. Do you want to know what these are? Red Flagged Resumes are prone to immediate rejection from the employer. Some common red flags:

1. Having an unprofessional email address or no contact information in the resume.
2. Punctuation, spelling, and grammar errors.
3. Less attention to detail. Maybe addressing the wrong person in the cover letter and not following the instructions well.
4. Always be careful about all these issues to keep your resume secure.

Do not forget to follow GetAJob Insights during the next time of your job application. If you still have some doubts, we would love to assist you.

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