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Job Interview Tips to make a Great Impression

Job Interview tips

Opportunities don’t happen, you create them — Chris Grosser.

Going by this thought, why not go ahead and make job interviews an opportunity and achieve it with confidence? Cracking a Job interview is integral to living a dream career. Regardless of what field we choose in our lives, an interview is an important door towards reaching our
destination. With the advancement in technology, the process of interviewing is getting profound. Present here are some tried and tested ways to crack job interviews by GetAJob.

Interview Tips to Crack Your Upcoming Interview

  • Have a Good Company Research:
    Interviewers mostly put a question to check your understanding of the company. Therefore, it is advisable to research well in advance about the organization. The chance of getting this question increases based on the seniority of your profile. An important suggestion is not to waste time researching too many industries; check with the industries very closely related to your organization of interview.


  • Resume Evaluation:
    Going for a job interview, do not miss checking and studying your resume well in advance. Often an interviewer questions you based on your resume. Therefore while applying for any profile, do not forget to evaluate your resume. Your resume is your first impression; make it the best one.


  • Punctuality is the Key:
    Whatever time your interview may be, irrespective of offline or online mode always be before time. If it is offline, reach out at least 15 minutes early. Online interviewees should have a proper interview setup ready. There should be no glitch in the mic, audio, camera, internet, and presentation. A distraction-free place for giving an online interview is of utmost importance. Make punctuality a practice, you will surely go a long way.


  • Body language and posture:
    On your job interview day, the moment you enter the company and till you leave it, maintain proper body language. The way you walk, talk, and sit everything conveys a message; make sure to keep it positive and graceful.


  • Listening is the Key to Unlock Interview:
    Listen to the interviewer properly to understand and then reply appropriately. Often interviewees miss this significant aspect of interview preparation and face unnecessary consequences. Many times at GetAJob, we have heard job seekers asking to know how crucial listening is in an interview. And the answer is very clear ‘it is of utmost importance.’Proper listening leads to a better understanding of the question, and it helps in many ways; you understand what to answer, where to stop, what to say and what not to say, and a lot more. If you too interrupt in between a discussion, then be careful! And yes, practicing to control yourself and improve your listening skills will turn the outcome in your favor.


Irreplaceable Job Interview Questions that You Cannot Afford to Miss

Job interview questions can either be basic questions, situation-based questions, or behavioral questions. We take you through some questions of all the categories that we suggest for International students connecting with GetAJob.

  • Tell us About Yourself:
    Here the interviewer wants to understand your complete background. Create a proper pitch of the reply covering your life story and achievements so far. The answer should relate to your profile and position.


  • What are your Strengths and Weaknesses?
    Presenting the strengths to the interviewer is easy for most candidates. But, what brings all in trouble is what should come in the weaknesses section. Weaknesses should be something that does not hamper your work. Keeping this in mind, you can talk about your weakness. Cover your weakness by suggesting ways how you are trying to overcome it.


  • Why Should We Hire You?
    Here you have to have a proper answer that becomes your selling point. But you cannot afford to look needy, blunt, or desperate while answering.


  • What are your best achievements?
    Show the achievements that highlight the majority of skills related to your job. Do not talk about those achievements that are in no way related to your work.


  • Are you a team player?
    Moreover, your answer should be a YES because, most of the time, organizations need people who can work and perform well in a team. If you have an appropriate example to show how you excelled as a team player; then it can be very useful.


  • How do you tackle pressure situations at work?
    Often an employee is required to work in stressful situations. So have a clear idea about your role and answer it with a positive reply that you can tackle pressure and how you have done it in the past.


  • Why did you leave your previous job?
    If you have a good reason for leaving your earlier job, you can present it to your interviewer. In case you have no good reason, then you have to prepare your answer in a way that seems satisfactory to the interviewer.


  • How well can you learn new technologies?
    Explain how good you are with technologies. Since the majority of the work, these days is completed with the help of technology. Thus you are expected to be a quick tech learner.


  • Give an example of your leadership qualities at work.
    Explain precisely situations that showed your leadership skills and brought good results.


Job seekers, Do not miss to go through these quick facts and figures about the US job market:

  •  70-80% of the vacancies are not available online.
  • 76% of rejections of resumes happen due to unprofessional email addresses.
  •  First 7 seconds are crucial to making the right first impression.
  •  85% of people fake a lot in their resumes.
  •  75% of the global workforce by 2025 will be of GenZs and Millenials.

Cracking an interview is an art, and GetAJob trains job seekers to be a master of this art. We open the doors of 70-80% of vacancies that are not known to a regular applicant and help them crack job interviews quickly. At GetAJob, we created our way of successfully winning interviews. Following our way of working behind each candidate, we have placed 3000+ international students during Pre and Post-COVID times in different Industries in demanding IT jobs of their choice.
Stay in touch with us to hear back from us!

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