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Are you tired of paperwork? Are you tired of the hassle of trying to find full-time internship opportunities? Do you need career support but sort know where to go? Want to make more money after college?

Immigration Guidance

One of the most confusing things is beginning your professional career in the United States is understanding immigration and visa status. We are here to simplify this process by showing your exactly what you need to do and when you need to do it.

  • Teaching you how to use your CPT
  • How you manage your credits round CPT and OPT
  • Rules around when to use CPT and OPT
  • Navigating STEM extensions
  • W2 filing

Training for this program is meant to prepare you not only to have a career in your chosen technological field but to excel in your chosen career journey. Naturally, universities are meant to teach you about your chosen path, however, colleges teach you in theory and metaphor. During your GetAJob In College training, you will be given real-world practical education.

1:1 FAANG Mentor

Mentors in the GetAJob InCollege program are selectively chosen based on specific criteria. Our mentors have a wealth of knowledge, regularly participate in continuing education courses, and are difference makers in their own companies.

Our mentors work either at Fortune 500, FAANG, or large multinational companies. The mentorship and guidance given by these experts allow you to put your skills in perspective and improve on your own expertise in your chosen field.

A mentor is appointed to you for guidance and will help you develop your skills through consistent support when you’re completing your projects. You and your mentor can discuss your career trajectory, questions you may have about the module at hand, or anything that you could see as being beneficial to your career success during your group sessions.

Mentor Profile
Coaching Call with Shani Bhavsar

Every week, you will be invited to a weekly coaching call. Here, Dash Technologies and GetAJob CEO Shani Bhavsar will lead you through workshops and exercises while addressing pain points that you may have in the program. If you have questions, Shani will address them during the coaching call.

About Shani

For the same reason CEO Shani Bhavsar created the GetAJob program, he created GetAJob InCollege so fellow international students could be better prepared and land the jobs of their dreams while they are still finishing their degree.

Shani has been passionate about helping international students since he came to the United States and created GetAJob and his workshops give you insight into exactly what your next hiring manager will be thinking.

Paid Internship / Full-Time Job Guarantee
Paid Internship

During your college journey, you’re already having to worry about too much. The last thing you should have to worry about is the job you’re going to have post-college or trying to manage to get a paid position while you’re there. GetAJob InCollege takes the hassle away for you.

While you’re in college, we will help you get the experience you need to set yourself apart. You are guaranteed paid internships in order to help you boost your resume and your development experience. Here, you get to take what you’re taught and use it in real-world applications.

Post-internships, you still won’t have to worry about looking for a job, as we are going to take care of looking for a permanent full-time/w2 job for you while you complete the program.

Full-Time Job Guarantee

Already have an internship or job? No problem. We can help make sure that internship or job works with your current visa classification, and then help you get your next internship or job according to your OPT or CPT status.

In fact, even if you’re relatively late to sign up for our program in your college career, GetAJob InCollege can roll you over to get a job AfterCollege and will dedicate an entire team to getting you a job for 10 whole months.

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