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Best Known Ways to use STEM OPT for International Students!

Stem opt extension

Before we talk about STEM OPT it is essential to know a bit about STEM. It is an acronym for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. It is one of the most demanding educational areas to achieve valuable careers in the present and future. As per the latest reports of a famous daily newspaper from India, India is the second largest country whose students are moving to the US for STEM Courses. And overall, 54% of the International Students in the US are opting for STEM coursesLet’s understand STEM OPT, here OPT stands for Optional Practical Training. It allows international students to work in the USA for 12 months right from the first semester of their study. It is Obligatory to use this opportunity within the given period.

Understanding Important Aspects of STEM OPT:

Generally, students prefer doing STEM OPT after they complete their degree; so that they can continue their studies with complete focus. Doing OPT during studies is a less preferred option. By doing STEM OPT, you gain good experience and exposure to the actual industry. A person is required to do OPT in his main subject or the field of study. Because OPT is designed to enhance your theoretical knowledge and improve skills based on your industry of study its actually very important to do it.

Process of STEM OPT Extension:

International students can do more than one OPT; one can be done during the undergraduate course, while the other after graduation and later taking extension. Let’s understand more about STEM OPT Extension. All the students enrolled in the STEM program are liable to take an extension in their OPT by 24 months. So you have another two years to work and gain experience in the USA.

Do you know you can get STEM OPT Extension in the below-listed STEM degrees:

  • Computer Science
  • Applications
  • Engineering
  • Technologies
  • Biological
  • Sciences
  • Actuarial
  • Sciences
  • Mathematics
  • Physical Sciences
  • Life Sciences

Based on the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the opportunities for people who have done STEM degrees is projected to increase by 8% by 2029. To know more go through this link

F-1 Students Visa-Quick Points to know

  • A foreign student gets the F-1 student Visa to study in the USA
  • You can move to other places during the tenure of your F-1 student Visa, but if it expires within this phase,then it is essential to get the new one for coming back to the US
  • Another wonderful part of having an F-1 student visa is you can take a transfer to another college and enroll within 15 days of the transfer
  • With F-1 visa, you can study in the US as long as your study continues there
  • F-1 Visa offers you an opportunity both for CPT and OPT depending on your course criterias

More about Employment Authorization Document

An Employment Authorization Document is necessary for each person working in the US, regardless of their Visa status. EAD or Employment Authorization Document is a work permit given by the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), which offers temporary employment to non-US citizens.

Steps to Obtain Employment Authorization Document:

Employment Authorization Document

  • The non-US citizens can apply for an employment authorization document through Form I-76
  • Then, this application is sent to the USCIS service center of your respective area via email
  • Once EAD is approved, the USCIS will distinctively evaluate for Advance Payrole document (AP), and after approval it issues a different AP document

Categories of Employment Authorization Document

The USCIS offers employment authorization documents for renewal and replacement.

  • Renewal Process of EAD: It takes the same time as the first time of EAD application. Therefore, non-US citizens must opt for application of the renewal process of EAD 3-4 months in advance to the last date.
  • Replacement Process of EAD: If an EAD document is torn, stolen, or lost, then it can be replaced. Even incorrect or misspelled EAD documents can be corrected and replaced.

Immigration Services:

It refers to all sort of support or assistance required for immigration purposes. The United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) is the main immigration services department. The several types of matters managed by Immigration Services are Visa Application, petitions for family members, change or update in immigration status, other citizenship issues, and issues of employment and immigration matters.

Know About U.S. Citizenship:

U.S. Citizenship offers special rights, duties, benefits, and protections for a U.S. citizen. It works as the basic right given by the constitution and laws of the U.S.

  • The two main sources of U.S. Citizenship are Birthright and Naturalization. Citizenship through Birthright means a person born within the territories of the U.S. or born to a U.S. citizen parent.
  • Naturalization means an immigrant who has gained citizenship after application.

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STEM OPT is an opportunity to sharpen your skills and be ready to face the industry. If you are an international student struggling to find your right OPT job, please connect with GetAJob at here , and our team will help you be at your destination soon. To know more about our services and see how we assist international students win their job of dreams. So what are you waiting for; connect with us now!

Stay tuned with GetAJob blogs to get more updates on career, technology, and trends, Visa Issues, and how we consistently assist international students secure their STEM OPT jobs in the US. #Happyreading!!!

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