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About H1B Visa-Process & requirement in depth

H1B Visa Application

One of the most sought-after visas by immigrants for employment in the USA is H-1B. Yearly, employers in the USA participate in the H-1B lottery system to get a skilled foreign workforce for their organization. The entire system is managed by the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). Recently, the demand for this visa has increased though there is a cap on the number of allocations.

What is H1B Visa?
In simple terms, it’s the work sponsorship that an immigrant worker gets to work in the USA from his employer if the employer doesn’t get a specialized employee in the same area from the USA. Several requirements are to be met to obtain this work permit. Thousands of people apply for it every year; some get selected, and some get to see rejections.

Your eligibility to gain this visa depends on achieving a job offer from any U.S. employer in a role that needs specialist knowledge. Your documents to prove your qualification requirements. And the employer should be in the position to prove that there is a shortage of a specialized U.S. applicant for that particular role.

H1B Visa –Requirements:
H1B visa requirement

• Bachelor’s Degree or Master’s Degree (or the foreign equivalent) is a must
• Deep knowledge of the associated field
• The required Degree should be based on the job
• Work experience in a specialized occupation
• There is a lack of qualified U.S. applicants for your position

A candidate with 12 years of specialized work experience has lesser constraints to meet, provided they have the required viable documents to prove. The specialized fields cover the following areas:
• Engineering
• Law
• Health and Medical
• Research
• Business Specialties

Additional documentary requirements that make you eligible to bag your H1B visa:
• Educational documents with English translation
• Proper updated CV/resume
• Copies of Passport with
• Required licenses to carry on with your work in the U.S.
• Necessary copies of the U.S. immigration-related documents
• Copies of the latest U.S. study documents
*If all the above-listed requirements are met well by the applicant as well as the employer, then you can move for application of H1B Visa

The detailed process of application:
• At the starting stage, you have to register at U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) and get chosen to apply further.
• There is a cap on this visa, depending on its increased demand. The current cap is 65000 per year, and if you hold your master’s from a U.S. institution, your luck brings an additional 20000 application limit. Thus, you become eligible for the 85000 limits after meeting both criteria.
• If the cap is applicable for an H1B visa, the application to USCIS must be made electronically to get into the lottery.
• You are supposed to create an online account with the USCIS.
• Those who already have an account must create it again for the registration process after paying a registration fee.
• Wherein information about the sponsor, as well as personal details, are required.
• Also, there is scope to register and create an account through an attorney.
• The entire registration period is only 14 days people under the cap need to apply strictly within this time frame.

You can check your status after login into your account. The account status is shown under the following categories:
• Submitted: After a valid registration and successful submission.
• Selected: Can apply for the H1B Visa.
• Denied: Many times, applications made with the same sponsor are considered invalid by USCIS.
• Not Selected: Your application got rejected this time.
• Invalidated-Failed Payment: Form rejected due to unsuccessful payment.
• It is essential to get selected at this stage to apply for further process.

Process after Selection:
After your selection, your employer can file the petition on your behalf. For this, your employer has to apply for LCA (Labor Condition Application) through the Department of Labor (DoL) for certification. LCA assures your employer paying you the same wage as other equally qualified workers in that area so that your working conditions do not negatively impact any other employee.

After Certification of LCA, your employer will fill out form I-129, apply for a non-immigrant worker, and file both LCA and I-129 together to USCIS, with the required fees and documentation. Further two options after form I-129 approval depending on your availability in U.S., are as follows:
• If you are on a different visa, you must wait to start working under an H1B visa until it becomes active.
• If outside USA, need to apply for consular processing. For this, apply through form DS-160. It requires some payment of a fee and a scheduled interview at the U.S. Embassy/Consulate near your location.

Required Documents during Interview:
• Valid passport
• Copy of form DS-160 confirmation page
• Copy of approved I-129 and I-797
• Receipts of successful application fee payment
• Passport size photo meeting the U.S. State Department requirements
*Be ready to face an interview based on your profile and journey.

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